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Media Kit

Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in Leadjet! Here is everything you need to know about our company.
Please find exhaustive summaries of the company and product, as well as the full package of our brand assets and guidelines.

About Us

Company description

Surfe is a connected revenue workspace…


Leadjet began in March 2020 in Berkeley, USA when Romain Ginestou (CTO) met David Chevalier (CEO) during their exchange program at HEC.

They used LinkedIn for prospecting to make as many connections as possible in the Bay Area and had a hard time creating and enriching the new contacts in the CRM.

They were tired of manually logging every prospect interaction in their CRM. Tired of manually creating a contact and managing messages and follow-ups. Each of these repetitive, low-value tasks were extremely time consuming.

They saw an opportunity for innovation and developed a little piece of magic to save time. They then decided to offer Leadjet to every sales team in the world.

Our core values

  • We value creativity, simplicity, authenticity, curiosity and proactiveness
  • We encourage personal entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, continuous learning and constant improvement
  • We instill ensure open communication and a collaborative environment where we can test and adapt
  • Positivity over everything!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to optimize your workflow by automating manual lead capturing and data entry into your CRM. We allow you to focus on what really matters – building relationships with your prospects.


Tagline: Make your CRM work on LinkedIn

Value proposition: We help you reach your goals by adding contacts and synchronizing messages from LinkedIn to your CRM.

The Executive Team


David Maurice Chevalier Co-founder, CEO

Prior to founding Leadjet, David worked as an analyst in Leveraged Finance and Private Debt at ODDO BHF in Frankfurt. He gained first experience as one of the early initiators of “Tradity”, a leading social trading game and NPO to spread financial education in Germany. David has a double degree in Entrepreneurship from HEC and École Polytechnique. He also studied at UC Berkeley.

Romain Ginestou Co-founder, CTO

Prior to founding Leadjet, Romain gained first experience working at Dassault Aviation where he developed an automated AI testing platform. Romain graduated with an Engineering degree from ENSTA Paris, and was President of its’ Computer Science Association. He then received his MSc in Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and École Polytechnique.


Navigate to this folder for founders photos.

Our Team 9 different nationalities represented


Our Product

Description & Explanation

Leadjet is a chrome extension that connects your LinkedIn and CRM, allowing you to synchronize LinkedIn information, messages, and contact information between the two platforms. The tool connects to Hubspot, Salesforce, Salesloft, Copper, and Pipedrive and is compatible with SalesNavigator to save time that would have been spent switching tabs or manually transferring data.

Leadjet is one of the safest automation tools as we follow Linkedin guidelines & GDPR rules closely in every feature that we create. We impose daily quotas and avoid any robotic behaviour that keeps your Linkedin profile healthy. You also have the option to turn the automatic synchronization feature off, allowing you to have full control over what information is shared between LinkedIn and your CRM, and when.

With Leadjet, you can also become notified when contacts become outdated, embed CRM fields in LinkedIn and edit from there, leave notes and labels on LinkedIn profiles that synchronize to the CRM, create and view deals in LinkedIn, export contact lists from LinkedIn to the CRM, and personalize messages using custom messaging templates.

Leadjet maintains data hygiene by keeping your CRM accurate and up to date, ultimately eliminating hours off of your work week. Source prospects, nurture your leads, and streamline your workflow with confidence knowing that your CRM data is 100% accurate with Leadjet, a GDPR compliant tool.

Pricing starts at 17 euros per month (when paid annually).

Available Features

  1. Add LinkedIn contacts to CRM. When visiting a profile page on LinkedIn Leadjet gives the user the ability to send contact information from LinkedIn straight to the CRM solution instead of having to manually copy and paste removing any chances of copy- paste errors.
  2. Edit CRM Fields from LinkedIn. Once Leadjet's matches the LinkedIn profile you're visiting with a contact present in your CRM, an overlay of the CRM contact's information appears. Leadjet also allows you to edit the CRM fields from LinkedIn, synchronizing all the changes with your CRM. You can add or omit certain fields and fill them in, directly from a person's profile.
  3. Show CRM contacts on LinkedIn. Once connected to the CRM solution, Leadjet displays the contact information from the CRM on top of LinkedIn, as well as the status, notes, tasks, last activity, and ownership of the lead. The profile names of your CRM contacts and newly added prospects are highlighted in purple to make them visible at first glance
  4. Conversation synchronization. With a click of a button ("sync with CRM") on the message panel, Leadjet automatically moves all your conversations into your CRM and updates it automatically in the background
  5. SalesNavigator Integration & List Export. Leadjet offers full functionality on Sales Navigator. It is easy to navigate through them, as everything works in a similar manner to how it does on normal LinkedIn. Moreover, it allows you to export Lead Lists in 1 click.
  6. Emails enrichment. Leadjet teams up with DropContact to find emails and phone numbers of your prospects in 1-click
  7. Smart Message Templates. Leadjet allows users to create, reuse, and share message Templates with teammates, it will also soon identify which template yields the highest reply rate
  8. Note Feature. Write notes directly in the LinkedIn interface and don't stress: they are automatically synced to your CRM solution in real time.
  9. Create Deals Feature. Create and manage deals in your pipeline directly in the LinkedIn interface - no tab switching.
  10. Contact Update Feature identifies outdated profiles in your CRM and notifies you.
  11. User Dashboard. Customize Leadjet to your needs: set preferences, create and match customised fields with your CRM.

Our Achievements

We are proud to say that over the year 2021 Leadjet has attained:

✅ 10x revenue growth

✅ 31% month over month growth

✅ 97% retention rate

✅ 4.7/5 average marketplace rating

✅ 3,300+ companies served

✅ 9 nationalities within the team

Brand Assets


Leadjet’s logo and icon are available in three versions: in color and for black & white printing.

Required logo clear space is included in these files. It is important to respect the spacing for correct logo display.

Media Kit

Logo utilization guidelines

Please refer to these guidelines when using the Leadjet logo and icons accordingly.


Brand Color Palette

These are Leadjet’s brand colors. Find below the HEX codes.



When written, Leadjet is a single word with an uppercase L. It is never written as LeadJet nor Lead Jet.


Browse high-resolution assets and of Leadjet’s interface, as well as a selection of GIFs showcasing the tool’s functionality

Media Kit


Find below a library of founders’ photos as well as our office space - Incubateur HEC at Station F

Media Kit

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